7 September, 2016 San Francisco, CA—On 20 September, Kunsthaus Lempertz presents REDUZIERT, Thomas Heinser’s current body of work and first exhibition in Cologne. On view through 15 October, the exhibit features Heinser’s aerial perspectives of California’s recent geographical changes and the damage its landscape has sustained.

In Heinser’s visual vocabulary, Reduziert questions the ethical tenets of putting land up for sale in various ways and how land is treated as a commodity. By documenting California’s fire and drought-affected terrain from above, Heinser provides a stark and somber view that is often abstract from geographical identification, subtle and still.

Reduziert also chronicles San Francisco Bay Area’s salt evaporation ponds, one of only two such sea salt locations in the United States and a wildlife refuge, highly vulnerable to climate and other environmental changes. Heinser’s seemingly close-up capture of them paradoxically creates the look of a painting, thickly layered and paint-cracked, yet the ponds are photographed from hundreds of feet above by helicopter.

In all the images, idyllic land is “reduced” to its devastation, reflecting the impact of energy usage and climate change. Reduziert references the essence of reduction, rendering a new image language that is both abstract and poignant.

Heinser has had numerous aerial and portrait exhibits in both the United States and his native Germany. He was born in the Ruhrgebiet and has lived in San Francisco for more than 30 years.

Where: Kusthaus Lempertz at Neumarkt 3 50667 Cologne

When: 20 September-15 October, 2016 with opening 20 September, 18 Uhr Artist reception 24 September 11- 17:30 Uhr

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